Poonam Ramgopal, Field Manager 

Poonam​ is an experienced market researcher, with expertise in field management. She has worked as an in-house researcher at several research firms throughout her 15-year career, where she has worn many hats in the management and execution of studies—from moderating to survey design, data collection to report writing. Poonam works across many industries including education, healthcare, politics, and consumer products and services. 

At Roscow Market Research, Poonam focuses on respondent recruitment and field management. She knows how to find the people our clients want to hear from, and she always makes sure projects stay on track.

Poonam earned her master's degree in early childhood education and bachelor's degree in Health Care Management & Business Administration at Towson University. She lives in the Washington, DC area. When not working, she keeps busy volunteering at her kids' school.