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Focus group of consumers with thougt bubbles

Want to hear what your customers have to say? You've come to the right place. Whether you want to explore new target markets, test a product concept, or optimize your ad campaign, we'll create a research plan to get you there.


Or, call us if you just need an experienced moderator or report writer, and we'll let you handle the rest. 


Even in the technology-filled world we live in, there's nothing like seeing your target audience in-person.

  • Focus groups

  • Mini-groups/triads

  • Individual-depth interviews (IDIs)

  • Ethnography

  • Mystery shopping

  • Eye-tracking


Save costs and travel time and watch from your computer instead. And, get a national sample!

  • Webcam focus groups or mini-groups

  • Webcam IDIs

  • Online bulletin boards

  • Photo, video, and/or live ethnography using mobile device

  • Eye-tracking


Hard-to-reach, busy respondents who only have time for a phone call? Access your target audience over the phone.

  • Telephone focus groups or mini-groups

  • Telephone-depth interviews (TDIs)

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