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Arrows shootin towards a target audience bullseye

Quantitative Services:

  • Online surveys

  • Online surveys with chat

  • Telephone surveys

  • Onsite intercept surveys

  • Segmentation

  • Conjoint/choice methods

  • Message modeling

  • TURF analysis

  • Other customized advanced statistical methods

If definitive, projectable direction is what you need, we will conduct a survey to get you solid answers. From basic questionnaires to more complex advanced analytics, we ask questions that result in invaluable information and provide clear direction—so you can make confident decisions based on real evidence.

We customize our advanced analytical approach to answer each business question at hand. Whether segmenting a market, optimizing a messaging strategy, or creating a conjoint model to identify the best pricing, we know which methods to use, how to adapt them, and how to interpret results into practical recommendations. And, we always think pragmatically—to get you the best insights in a smart, efficient, affordable way. 

Not all research is created equal. We understand all the intricacies involved in effective research—things like quota management (so you don't end up needing the last 100 respondents to be African-Americans over the age of 75!), precise data weighing, or finding that unsuspected way of looking at the data that shines a light on findings. You'd be surprised how many research firms don't pay attention to these things. With Roscow Market Research, you can rest assured that your business decisions are based on accurate research results that reflect your market. 

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